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Electronic bidet seat:  TZ803(58A) | TZ804(28A) | TZ3100 | TZEF2 | TZ878 | TZ898 | TZSF1



1. Adjust the temperature of seat
2. Gentle warm water cleaning withwater temperature control
3. Double nozzles for female and male
4. Damping device of cover and seat
5. Warm drying
6. Creepage preventing function
7.Anti-bacteria seat
8. remote control (Optional)

Technical specification:

1) Power supply: AC 220V 10/110V, 50/60Hz, 850W

2) Electrical wire: 1.8m

3) Warm water tank: 1.0L

4) Temperature of warm water: adjustable in 3 steps (normal temperature about 40)

5) Amount of spray: about 0.6-1.1L/min

6) Mode of spray: hydraulic pressure telescopic for buttock, air bubble swing douching for female

7) Water heater: 500W

8) Dryness heater: 300W

9) Seat heater: 45W

10) Wind speed: 4-6m/s

11) Wind temperature: about 32-50

12) Deodorizer: particle deodorizer

13) Safety Device: Leakage Protector,Overheat Protection,Anti-dry Protection