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Electronic bidet : TZ8068 | TZ8088 | TZ8098 | TZ8201A | TZ8202B | TZ8288 | TZ8298 | TZ8388
  TZ8398 | TZ8603W | TZ8603Y | TZ8701 | TZ8702 | TZ8705



1. Bidet for lady washing or men washing
2. Nozzle head can go backward or forward to get a right position for washing
3. The nozzelcan be set a mode to move back or forth in a special range during spraying.
4. The temperature on ring seat can be set up in the range of 35-48 celsius degree
5. Warm air for buttock drying after washing
6. Automatic deordorization to eliminate odor and make air purified
7. Soft-closing buffer
8. Automatic sensing on ring seat
9. Automatic flush
10. Energy-saving function
11. wireless remote control
12.Nozzles self-cleaning

Technical specification :

Power supply


Power cable


Rated water pressure

0.04-0.70MPa(0.4-7.0kg/cm )

Rated power input





Washing Device

Spraying volume

1.2L/min for max washing

1.3L/min for max bidet

Water pressure level

Both wash and bidet with 4 levels available

Water temperature

4 levels available at (No-heating,340C , 370C , 400C )

Tank capacity


Heating Power


Safety device

Water-levelswitch,temperature sensor,
thermal switch,temperature-control fuse



Heating power


Soft close device

The soft close device lowers the lid and seat down to the bowl
gently and quietly, when user open or close it.

Temperature level

4 options available at (No-heating, 340C , 380C , 420C )

Safety device

Temp sensor, temperature-control fuse


Warm air

Heating power


Temperature level

4 gears available at (No-heating, about
450C ,about550C ,about 650C )

Safety device

Temperature-control fuse

Spraying type

Jet spraying

Spraying capacity

6L(large), 4.5L(small)

Bathroom temperature



About 50 kg


Length 820* Width440 * Height 580

Drawing :