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Electronic bidet : TZ8068 | TZ8088 | TZ8098 | TZ8201A | TZ8202B | TZ8288 | TZ8298 | TZ8388
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1. Warm massage cleaning , Double nozzles for female and male(adjusting water temperature and pressure, remitting or eliminating constipation or hemorrhoids, especially in women's menses or pregnancy can reduce the possibility to cause any gynaecopathia disease) flush after you leave ,more healthy and convenient
3. Adjust the temperature of seat
4. Remote control
5. soft lighting in the night
6. Warm drying
8. Damping device of cover and seat
9. Power saving
10. Creepage preventing function
11. Nozzles self-cleaning
12.13keys remote control, color digital LED display ,special fore-and-aft cleaning device.
13.Luxurious intelligent remote control; MP3 music(128MB) by up and down choosing key and volume adjusting;Body sensor (no matter what color of your clothes , thecover willauto open when you 10-20cm far from it , after you leave it 30seconds ,it will atuoflush and close

Technical specification:


AC 220V 10, 50/60Hz, 680W

Length of Electrical wire







Cleaning device

Warm water tank


Temperature of warm water

adjustable in 4 steps (normal temperature about 40oC)

Amount of spray


about 0.65-1.8L/min


Mode of spray


air bubble wing douching for buttock and female


Water heater


Safe protection device

Water and water temperature probe, double metal temperature switch, temperature blown fuse



Drying device

Wind temperature

adjustable in 3 steps (normal temperature about 32 oC-62oC)

Wind speed


Dryness heater

350W(Utmost 500W)

Safe protection device

double metal temperature switch, temperature blown fuse

Deodorize device


particle deodorizer

Air volume


Deodorize fan



Seat temperature device

Seat Temperature

adjustable in 4 steps (normal temperature about 40 oC)

Seat heater


Safe protection device

Temperature probe and temperature blown fuse

Damping device

Seat and cover all with damping device

Body sensor distance

20cm from the front of the bidet

Antifouling volume

about 30ml/3s

Whole bidet safe protection device

Creepage protection plug , seat sensor